Our Team

We could list our credentials…

The Ivy League degrees
The Phi Beta Kappa memberships
The volunteer fireman
The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award for Humanitarian Service winners
The President of a fraternity chapter
The National Young Feminist of the Year
The NBA Star
The Late Night Show comedian
The summa and magna cum laude graduates
The police chief
The Woman of Promise Award recipients

But the responses from our audiences provide proof of our success in impacting the lives, opinions, decisions, and behaviors of students, adults, schools, and communities.

Each of our COS Team Presenters has given 100 programs before joining our staff. They are detail-oriented perfectionists who combine knowledge, poise, and passion. Conference planners call us to ensure their keynote choice produces a pin-drop experience. Organizations depend on us to provide a consultant whose advice is sure to shape and improve their community culture.

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