Why do schools bring in our technology programs?  

Faculty and parents gain a plethora of knowledge covering everything from legal issues to home technology infrastructure.  They learn what college administrators think about digital footprints and what their own insurance policies will or won’t cover.  The content is expansive, yet fine tuned to smart families.

College students learn how to create impressive digital dossiers with direct advice from college admissions and top hiring companies.

High school and middle school students get real life stories from students at similar top schools.  The message is packaged with creativity so no one thinks, “It won’t happen to me.”  We SHOW students how it’s done with real back-lot tours of the websites used by the insiders.

Elementary students learn best with activities and teaching techniques that don’t overly scare, but do help young children connect the dots in cyber-space.  We have lots of fun methods to transform three dimensions into one.

COS presenters are high-energy, fountains of information, and captivating communicators.  We help you combat technology risks by addressing physical, social, and emotional consequences of social media.  Help your students build extraordinary reputations and respectable digital dossiers.

COS Technology Program Content

  • Real-life stories of disasters and successes
  • Interactive case studies
  • Step-by-step guidance on optimal privacy settings
  • Pose anonymous program questions with iPads, Smartphones, and other devices
  • Fast-paced programs engage every learner