Student Misconduct

It’s complicated.

When the student is the son of a Board Member.
If the student is the victim of sexual misconduct and was drinking underage at the time of the incident.
When a bystander could have prevented the bullying.

Student misconduct impedes your educational mission and distracts your school community.

We provide concrete strategies and practices to mitigate misconduct. If policies are broken, we help ensure the misstep is a non-litigious opportunity for personal growth, courageous conversations, and lifelong learning.

Student Misconduct Solutions

COS provides policy development, case analysis, neutral
third-party mediation, and disciplinary board training. 

Areas of Expertise:

  • Alcohol | Substance Use
  • Bullying | Cyberbullying | Stalking
  • Harassment | Hazing
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Pregnancy | Medical Issues
  • Sexual Misconduct | Harassment
  • Technology

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