On-site Visit:
Sample Healthy Relationships Day

  • Have 1 to 4 presenters from COS Team to work with various groups and genders
  • Developmental Model for Programming: Knowledge, Attitude, Behavior and Bystander Skills (KABB)
    • Sexual Harassment vs. Jokes for 9th graders
    • Healthy Relationships for 10th graders
    • Interactive Case Study for 11th graders
    • Bystander and Leadership Skills for 12th graders
  • Presentation for Faculty/Staff (topic= Boundary Setting as a Teaching Professional)
  • Train the Trainers for Faculty/Advisors who will lead Discussion Groups
  • Presentation for Parents OVER THE WEB for Boarding Parents (topic=Parenting Skills to Foment Healthy Relationships for Our Teens)
  • Working Group Session with Senior Admin Team to review Survey, Handbooks, and Risk Assessment

Late Spring Visit: Prep for Next Year and Senior Transitions

  • Senior Transitions to College (for seniors and their parents)
  • Work with 11th graders on Peer Leadership and Bystander Skills

On-Site Visit:
Sample Digital Citizenship Day

8-9am: Parents of Younger Children “Smart Tech Start Program for Parents of children from PK-6” (Parents Encouraged to Spend Morning Attending Programs with Their Children)

9am-9:20am: Grades 2-3 (Cyber-safety and Tech Start-up Tips)

9:25am-9:50am: Grades 4-5 (First Uses of Two-way Communications Online, Phone and Gaming)

9:55am-10:25am: Grades 6-7 (Cyber-bullying and Citizenship)

10:25-10:50am: Grade 8 (Social Media and Online Relationships, High School Preparation)

3-4pm: Faculty In-Service (Digital Fences, Playgrounds and Boundaries for Teaching Professionals)

7pm: Parents of Older Children (Cyber-Smarts for Parents: How Technology is Building Your Child’s Resume)

Option to Add: Faculty Professional Development on Boundary Setting, Especially in Cyber-Space

Option to Add your high school in the district:

Grades 9-10 (Cyber-harassment, Sexting, Speech online, Addiction, Gaming, etc.)

Grades 11-12 (More Focus on Digital Footprint for College and Future Career)


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