Online Learning

The answer is definitely, “Yes.” You asked, “Do they work? Do online presentations make an impact?”

We are there with you—the information, the wit, the humor, the depth of knowledge, the clever illustrations.

You can have it all.

Without the plane ticket.

You could… bring a Virtual Podium Presenter on the day there is a blizzard at your boarding schooltext us the night before when you read the weather report. We’ll be ready by morning. Turn a snow day into a day of illumination on bullying, relationships, or mental health.

You could… have 1000 students log in with their iPads and ask anonymous, embarrassing questions from the comfort of their screens.

You could… have a parent night with separated parents in different cities, states, and countries logged in simultaneously for the sake of their teens.

Online Learning Options

  • DragonFly learning: Web Seminar Series for Parents, Faculty, Peers, and Athletes
  • Online Training Centers:Thorough, topic-specific education and response training for the entire academic community, from students to administrators

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