Campus Outreach Online

In 1,800 seconds, you can…

Hit snooze 3 times.
Send 5 texts and 4 Tweets.
Watch 1.3 sitcoms, skipping commercials.

Or, you could change a life.  Change an attitude, a habit, a perspective.  Think.

Give us 30 minutes.  The opening scene hooks you in.
We’re going to challenge you to Think. Full on attention.  Don’t blink.

Campus Outreach Online 30-minute educational learning modules.

How did we do it?  Research universities gave us framework. Hollywood gave us characters. PlayStation gave us avatars. Facebook gave us profile updates. YouTube gave us videos. Al Gore gave us the Web.

COO is unprecedented, peerless.  Plug-and-play design enables each client to maximize impact.  Each minute is hewn to exactly what research indicates best reaches your population.


ThinkDrink: Alcohol, substance use, brain science, bystanders, peer pressure, social norms, high-risk drinking

ThinkGreeks: Hazing, bystanders, high-risk drinking, sexual misconduct, relationships, digital citizenship

ThinkLuv: Relationships, respect, gender communication, sexual assault, dating violence, bystanders, stereotypes

ThinkStrength: High-risk drinking, relationships, respect, sexual misconduct, digital citizenship

ThinkTeam: Hazing, bystanders, high-risk drinking, sexual misconduct, relationships, digital citizenship

ThinkText: Social media, digital citizenship, authenticity, cyberbullying, digital footprints, empowerment, Internet addiction

Audiences Uses
College Students Orientation
High School Students First Year Experience class
Middle School Students Wellness class
Military Bases New member education
Athletes New base arrival requirement
Greeks Educational sanction for discipline
Non-Traditional Students Pre-prom requirement
Corporate employees Peer leader training
Boy Scouts Life Skills classes
Girl Scouts Enterprise risk management
Youth Groups Professional development


COO addresses gender, race, religion, ethnicity, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, political views, and more.  Just tell us who you want to reach, and we’ll make it happen.

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