Can you out Think your drink?

How fast does alcohol go from taste buds to brain?

Can men biologically “hold their liquor” better than women?

Are competitive athletes more likely to be competitive drinkers?

Answer: ThinkDrink

What is ThinkDrink?

  • 30 minutes of seamless, interactive online learning.
  • Designed to reduce high-risk and underage drinking.
  • User-specific modules.
  • Focus on bystander empowerment.

How was it created?

  • Step 1: Analysis and synthesis of over 1000 published research studies.
  • Step 2: Key learning outcomes assembled into a multimedia environment.
  • Step 3: Critique and review by 50 top professors and national experts.

Available: Online, through smart phones, MAC’s, or PC’s.
Audiences: High schools, colleges, and military personnel.

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