When the heart is racing, how do you slow the body?

What’s the difference between flirting and harassment?
Can too many texts become cyber-stalking?
Who’s still “waiting” and why?
When is it too late to change your mind?
How drunk is too drunk to give effective consent?

Answer: ThinkLuv

What is ThinkLuv?

  • 30 minutes of seamless, interactive online learning.
  • Designed to reduce sexual assault and promote respectful relationships.
  • Unique modules for independent, single-sex, public, Catholic, boarding, and specialized schools.
  • Focus on self-confidence and bystander empowerment.

How was it created?

  • Step 1: Analysis and synthesis of over 1000 published research studies.
  • Step 2: Key learning outcomes assembled into a multimedia environment.
  • Step 3: Critique and review by 50 top professors and national experts.

Available: Online, through smart phones, MAC’s, or PC’s.
Audiences: Colleges, military personnel, and high schools.

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