DragonFly Learning

How do you train the best to be even better?

Your faculty hold PhD’s, teach quantum physics, and relax with British poetry.

Your parents are attorneys, global CEO’s, and write for the NY Times.

Your athletes ensure they are seconds faster and millimeters stronger every competition.

Your student leaders mentor local teens and establish social norm campaigns.

Ensure they DragonFly learning provides on-demand sessions on key risk and safety issues.

Session Format

Length: 45-55 minutes
Part 1: Essential data and topic overview
Part 2: The latest research and thought-provoking case studies
Part 3: Takeaways and next steps to apply newly-attained knowledge

Hallmarks of DragonFly learning

  • National experts present with polish and poise
  • Personal experiences and real-life examples
  • Leading research and cutting-edge theory
  • Practical strategies for application

Series Audiences

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