If you want proof that faculty received training.

If you can’t get all faculty together in the same place at one time for a program.

If your faculty are tired of hearing the same old thing.

If your faculty wants to carefully consider sensitive issues in the comfort of their own offices and classrooms.

With Faculty-Connect, your institution…

Ensures faculty receive comprehensive training and education on top risk issues.
Provides case studies, proven protocols, and proactive leadership strategies.
Mitigates school liability and promotes a safer educational environment.

Faculty-Connect is your professional development panacea.

What is Faculty-Connect?

  • 45-minute on-demand sessions
  • Up-to-date and real-world content
  • Engaging, essential data and case studies
  • Features top psychologists, educators, doctors, attorneys, and authors
  • Retention quizzes and completion verification
  • Includes workbooks and facilitation guides

Session Topics

Academic Enrichment  |  Alcohol and Substance Use  |  Bullying and Harassment
Confidentiality and Sensitive Data  |  Diversity  |  Educational Sanctions
Mental Health  |  Sexual Abuse and Misconduct  |  Technology and Cyberbullying

<75 faculty: $750/yr
76-150 faculty: $1500/yr
151-250 faculty: $2250/yr
Retention Quiz Add-on: $2/pp

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