Your students are beacons of light in academia, society, and beyond.

They have bright futures brimming with endless possibilities.

Their schedules are packed and availability is scarce.

They need accessible content with tangible strategies for lifelong success.

Jump start your peer-leadership program or first-year student curriculum.

Up-to-date.  Every topic.  Already done for you.
Your advisors, faculty, and coaches are prepared and confident to discuss the material.
Empower students to make positive choices and model responsibility.

Peer-Connect provides on-demand webinars, facilitation guides, and workbooks.

What is Peer-Connect?

  • 45-minute on-demand sessions
  • Up-to-date and real-world content
  • Features top psychologists, educators, doctors, attorneys, and authors
  • Engaging, essential data and case studies
  • Educates on warning signs and treatment options
  • Include facilitation guides and workbooks

Session Topics

Alcohol and Other Drug Use  |  Body Image and Nutrition  |  Bullying and Diversity | Cyber-Smarts and Social Media  |  Leadership Skill-Building  |  Learning and Study Skills | Mental Health and Stress  |  Sexual Assault and Misconduct

<250 students: $1000/yr
251-500 students: $2000/yr
501-1,000 students: $2500/yr
Retention Quiz Add-on: $2/pp

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