Online Training Centers

COS Training Centers provide stakeholder-specific training for your entire community on a single issue.

Deliver a consistent message specifically crafted for each department and community member.

Faculty, staff, professionals, and students log in on their own schedule to take 45-minute training sessions delivered by subject-matter experts and engaging lecturers.  All Training Centers are custom built with institution-specific photographs, logo, name, handbook policies, reporting procedures, resources, and key contacts.

Make every minute count.  All sessions cover vital data and response techniques.  Add your own content with the Collaboration Tool. Or, let us script, film, and edit your original content to add institution-specific information to your Training Center.

Each session supplies appropriate skill-building designed to meet your learning outcomes for each member of your community.

? Administrators ? Disciplinary Boards ? Peer Leaders
? Coaches ? Faculty ? Security and Police
? Counselors ? Health Professionals ? Staff
? Department Directors ? Parents ? Students


Chemical Independence: Inspire a natural high in your community. Dispel myths on what makes drinking “cool.” Confront drug and alcohol use with brain science.
Cyber-Smarts: Jump-start a 4.0 attitude. Confront cyberbullying. Build Cyber-Smarts from ages 7 to 107.
Expect-Respect: Create a community where respect is not only the standard, but also the norm.
Gifted and Talented: Your professional development panacea to match your faculty’s stride toward excellence.
Parent Academy: Hold your Parenting Series in person or online. Host the brightest luminaries on parenting skills or getting into college with the press of a button.
V-SART: Accurately address sexual misconduct, abuse, and rape with the Virtual Sexual Assault Response Training Center.

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