Accurately address sexual misconduct, abuse, and rape with
the Virtual Sexual Assault Response Training Center.

Customized to your institution’s policies, procedures, and contact resources.

Be confident that no one fell through the crack.
What not to say.  What they must say.
Which local hospital provides Physical Evidence Recovery Kits from SANE’s.
Whether clothing worn at the time of an assault goes in paper or plastic bags.
Who is confidential.  Who is not confidential.
What must be reported and to whom.

Exceed DOJ and DOE requirements for sexual assault education and prevention.

V-SART ensures you have the right message and the right messenger
for each department, group, and individual.

Virtual Sexual Assault Response Training Center: Up-to-the-moment training by educators, researchers, attorneys, campus police officers, sexual assault response coordinators, student peer educators, psychologists, national public speakers, and best-selling authors.

<500 students: $250
501-2000 students: $750
2001-10,000 students: $1250

What’s Included?

  • Online Training Center with 45-minute webinars
  • Portal customized with your institution’s policies, logo, photos, and resources
  • Curriculum Guides
  • Facilitation Guides
  • Workbooks
  • Awareness Week Planners
  • Campus Risk Assessment Tool

Set up, customized, and running in 24 hours.

Training Sessions

  • Best Practices for Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policies
  • Cyber-Sexual Misconduct Disciplinary Board Training
  • Cyber-Sexual Misconduct: Overview of Issues
  • Dating Violence | Domestic Abuse
  • Faculty and Coaches Response Training
  • Healthy Relationships and Consent
  • Helping a Sexual Assault Victim for RA’s and Peer Leaders
  • Judicial Board Response Training and Mock Trial
  • Men’s Peer Education Training
  • Peer Leadership Training: Getting Going and Beyond
  • Police and Security Response Training
  • Residence Life and Student Leaders Response Training
  • Responding to the Accused
  • Sexual Harassment

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