Our Outreach

We impact minds and hearts of the most critical audiences on today’s hot-button issues. We provide keynotes and training workshops for students and adults. We create day-long symposia for communities to have courageous conversations. We consult on risk management protocols and policies. Our resource library is stocked with compelling wellness curricula.

We partner with service organizations and businesses to inform and inspire communities.

We have over three thousand school clients.
We team up with the NFL to provide programs in 26 urban middle and high schools.
Lifetime TV and HBO select us as partners for their educational pieces on sexual violence.
The Department of Defense and US Ambassadors send us out around the world.
Insurance companies sponsor us to build safer communities.

Our expertise includes sexual violence, diversity, sexual harassment, bullying, hate crimes, healthy relationships, assertiveness, eating disorders, suicide, and related risk issues. Our programs are current and captivating.

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