When you want to move beyond local resources to bring innovation and national leadership to address your biggest and newest areas of prevention and education, COS provides captivating, engaging and interactive programs. We do more than present the facts, we bring them to life. We do more than hit the highlights, we dig deep into the nuances. We always have current case studies relevant to our audience.

We ensure male students versus female students receive exactly the right message based on research on gender. We know what impacts student attitudes and choices around each high-risk issue to best inspire change, whether they are athletes, enlisted military, Greeks, or ninth-graders in health class. Our presenters may be professors, but not the boring type. Our presenters may be actors, but are extraordinarily real to kids. Our presenters may make TV and media appearances, but thrive on three-dimensional interaction with their audience. We address wellness issues in a way that goes far beyond book learning because our presenters live these issues, have experienced these issues, and work with students and schools every day.


Our Areas of Expertise