Substance Use

Substance Use

Substance Use Program Content

  • Healthy stress management strategies
  • Latest research on biological transformations due to substances
  • Meaningful graphs and statistics
  • Personal testaments of remarkable journeys
  • Everyday impact of substance use

Increased responsibility amplifies stress. In today’s competitive youth culture, substances are viewed as an escape from high expectations, continual obligations, and relentless emphasis on perfection.

You chose: Do your students and parents need to hear from top scientists or those who have “been there?” We offer you both.

Neuroscientists and psychologists demystify neurobiological effects, sociological impacts, and practical solutions. Clever explanations simplify complicated processes. Follow pathways from tongue to brain with current research findings, MRI images, and real-life case studies.

If substances alter brain chemistry, do effects continue the day after use? Dissect substances’ damaging contributions to athletics, academics, and relationships. Determine how chemical compounds combine to produce detrimental environments for growth and development in the everyday world.

Or—host someone relatable. Someone who’s been there. And, made the bad choice. Awe-inducing personal accounts of struggle and recovery prompt thoughtful reconsideration of life-altering decisions. The stories leave your community wide-eyed. Gain new perspective on substance struggles, empowering positive choices and changes in expectations.


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