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When I first learned that we were going to have a school assembly on “date rape” i shrugged it off, thinking it would be some old woman talking about how it happens, what to do if it happens, and how to avoid it. I didn’t want to go, because i thought it would be boring. However i was drastically wrong. Your talk really impacted me, as well as my peers. I suppose could be considered “popular” and have been to my far share of parties. I have never known of anyone being raped at these parties, but i know for a fact that guys, including myself, don’t always understand the word “no”. I guess the “no” is easier to ignore, I’m not sure, but it hasn’t always stopped me. I have never raped anyone, or sexually assaulted a girl, or girlfriend. However, your talk made me think, and maybe i did go a little too far on a few occasions. During your talk u said u hoped to impact, just 1 guy in the room. Well, you exceeded that by leaps and bounds. Speaking for myself, i know that I’m going to change, and stop when someone says stop. Already in school, if someone says rape, it is quickly followed by a “hey, thats not funny.” It is no longer a word we use casually as a joke in conversations. Thank you so very much for your honesty, and impact you have had on me, and Im sure thousands of others. Good luck to you in the future.

Senior, Archmere

I am a sophomore at the Paideia School, where you spoke today, April the 21st. I just want to let you know how impressed, affected, touched, thankful, and an entire list of other words, I am. I was exactly as you described: thinking that is was going to be like our other assemblies, boring, long, single-sided (since they are usually political assemblies), and just downright uninteresting. Let me say that I was dead wrong. From the moment you started speaking, I felt this sort of connection between you and me; you and the audience. I want to be able to say for sure that I will stand up against date rape as far as I can, and I completely agree with every point you made. In my first period, after your story, we discussed the gathering. Every single person was in awe. I wanted to run up on stage, or run up after you were done and just give you a hug for what you are doing, and have done. The stories you told reinforced your incredible points, and captivated the audience’s attention. I know I am rambling, and that is mainly because I really have no idea how to explain or put into words how I feel about you and your message. I am already hoping that you will revisit Paideia within the next two years before I graduate, or that you will end up visiting the college I end up attending. Someone in our discussion said that we were sheltered here at Paideia, but the discussion quickly turned to how this sort of crime isn’t restricted to certain schools, neighborhoods, or societies, it is restricted to humanity. Basically I found you the most powerful, awe-inspiring, and connected speaker I have ever heard talk on any subject. You seemed to share all of yourself with us, you didn’t try to hold back emotions, and this created an indispensable connection with your young impressionable audience. I would be ecstatic if I heard that you would return to Paideia. I am at least 1 guy, or person that you affected today in your 60 minutes out of my entire life. That’s all I have the time to write for the time-being, but I hope to write again. Again, thank you with all of my heart for sharing your experience with me, and my school. I am totally grateful and you have affected me in a way that really no other person ever has. Have a great week, and I want you to know that after having heard your story first hand, I can guarantee that you affect at least one person everywhere you go as much as you have had an effect on me. Now I do have to leave. With all the thanks I can muster up, Thank You!

Daniel P.