Our Clients

We have over three thousand clients around the world. Many host our programs annually. We believe in relationships that extend well beyond our physical visits. Our clients know we find a way to help, no matter what.
Our talented team and network assists within minutes when seconds count. When a project must get done fast and correctly the first time; we exceed expectations.

You’ll find us . . . 

  • In a chapel filled with 500 students at an all boys’ school in Tennessee
  • Outdoors in 38-degree weather at a Take Back the Night March in Boston
  • In Kresge Auditorium before the incoming class at MIT
  • In a high school cafeteria full of seniors on the eve of the Prom
  • In Thayer Hall before all Fourth-Class Cadets during a briefing at the US Military Academy at West Point
  • In a gymnasium in Florida for 1000 students in an urban middle school
  • In the Bernie Kosar Room of the University of Miami Football Program
  • On the Mall in Washington, DC in front of 250,000 people on a humid July day

We tailor our message to your community. We work with you, not just for you, to achieve success.