Joining in commitment to community, wellness, safety, and respect

COS extends our gratitude to the thousands of organizations, schools, universities, and companies lending their talent, financial support, long-standing commitment, and collective vision for the safety and well-being of communities.

For sponsoring our work with 23 Jacksonville public schools for 3 years.

For allowing us to shape and create risk management resources for your clients.

For our creative collaboration in making online learning modules for your students. 

For giving us precious minutes with all your D1 Coaches at the Final Four.

For hosting 500+ area administrators for our 2-day intensive on sexual misconduct.

For hosting the first-ever training institute on sexual misconduct for independent school administrators over 30 years ago.

For hosting 300+ students in your residence halls and facilities for our 2-day conference.

For hosting 400+ students and administrators for our Character and Wellness Conference.

For allowing us to write for your Office of Women’s Health page.

For co-producing the Independent School Conference on Law & Policy for 6 years.

For having us update your Accreditation Standards on student-teacher boundaries.

For allowing us to educate your members on technological risk issues.

For generously providing funding for our school safety events.

For collaboration on technology issues for your school leaders.

For 15+ years of partnership to educate your students, faculty and the greater Boston academic community.

For consistently sponsoring our risk management training institutes for school administrators.

For over 10 years of educating your incoming students.

For having us provide risk management training on sexual misconduct for your clients.

For hosting our Greater Denver Respect My Red Conference.

For hosting our team annually to educate all your cadets with our developmental, research-driven content.

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© 2023 Campus Outreach Services.
All Rights Reserved.

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