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COS Philosophy and Inclusivity

Do COS programs have profanity or other offensive content?

No. COS programs don’t use offensive language or graphic depictions.

Do you have a diverse group of presenters from whom we can select?

Absolutely. The COS team represents a wide array of religious beliefs, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, and other demographics. We are from all over the country with different family backgrounds. We work diligently to make a match with your school’s community and values.

Do your programs discuss abortion or political issues?

No. We don’t “take sides” or “preach” about controversial issues. We pride ourselves on remaining neutral and sticking to the facts, laws, and personal experiences pertinent to the topic of our program.

Will your program match our community's mission, vision, and values?

Yes. We will work with you before the program to learn more about your community to best match your mission, vision, and values. Our programs are customizable while always centering respect. Our presenters are powerful and effective at connecting in an authentic way with your audience.

Fees and Expenses

What does it cost to host a presentation?

$750 and up. A live web-presentation starts at $750. Onsite programs start at $1,500. Let us know your budget, and we’ll give you options of how to maximize your impact.

We have a limited budget. Can we get a discount?

Yes. Let us know your date, program prefences, and budget range, and we will work work with you to develop the best program plan. We often help schools network with others in their geographical area to share costs, with up to 50% savings. We also offer shared online programs, such that several schools participate together in a live online presentation for a discounted fee.

Can we get an all-inclusive fee?

Yes. Most of our clients opt for an all-inclusive fee so they don’t have to do any extra planning around booking travel and lodging.

Do we need to book the travel and hotel for the presenter?

No. We take care of all travel and lodging arrangements. If you have a guest house or other ways you can help with transportation, please let us know. We aim to provide everything needed for a successful program so all you need to do is get your audience to the program.

Scheduling a Program

How do we schedule a program?

Use the Contact COS Form on our website. Include as much information as you can, such as preferred date(s), time(s), topic(s), audience, budget, and goals. We’ll connect with you within 1-2 business days.

Can I contact the presenter directly to schedule a program?

No. Our presenters have full plates with jobs, writing, research and other responsibilities. They expect COS to manage all the logistics of scheduling presentations. We are happy to schedule a pre-visit meeting with you, the presenter, and our logistics team to discuss your goals and community. We want you to be confident going into the big event!

Can we schedule more than one program in a day or have multiple presenters?

Yes. Our programs can be customized for students (grade 2 to college), faculty and staff, employees, parents, businesses, and other audiences. We can send a team so multiple programs can be done simultaneously. Just let us know whom you want to reach and on what topics—we’ll give you recommendations and options.

Do you have a contract for us to use?

Yes. We have a standard contract that we use with most of our clients. If your institution has its own required contract, please send it to us. All contracts require a signature from an authorized representative from your institution.

When is payment is expected?

A deposit is typically due within the 1 month of the contract being signed. The balance is typically due near the program date. If your institution has its own payment schedule policy, we can adjust our contract accordingly.

Program Preparation

Can we schedule a call to plan out the visit with our presenter(s)?

Yes. We are happy to schedule a pre-visit meeting with you, the presenter(s), and our logistics team to discuss your goals and community. We want you to be confident going into the big event!

I have a question about an upcoming program, whom should I contact at COS?

A COS Program Director. Email or call the person with whom you worked to set up the program.

Can we schedule a pre interview with the presenter(s) for our local radio and/or newspaper? And can the press attend the live program?

Just ask us, and we will check with your presenter. Most of our speakers welcome interviews before or after the program. We don’t allow photography and video during presentations, as it often detracts from the audience’s experience.

Can we schedule a dinner or reception with the presenter(s)?

Maybe. Each presenter is unique. Some don’t like to eat before their program. Some will need to get back to the airport after the presentation. Please let us know what you have in mind and we can let you know what’s possible.

Program Support & Resources

Do you have marketing materials and social media cards to help promote the program?

Yes. We design a custom social media card and send presenter bios, program description, and a pre-written presenter introduction.

Can you offer resources to prepare our community for the program and provide opportunities for continued learning?

Yes. We can offer resources for your community including presentation discussion guides, resource digests, letters for parents about program content, pre-visit workshops to prepare facilitators to lead discussions, trigger warning language, tech needs list, and relevant curricula.

If our program is on the topic of sexual assault, consent, or healthy relationships, should we have counselors or mental health staff present?

Yes. Any presentation on sexual assault or healthy relationships can be triggering.  We recommend the school have its counselors available during and after the program for support and response.

Joining the COS Team

Can I become a presenter for COS?

Apply! If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the application here.

Do you have internships?

Yes. We have limited spots available for our summer, winter and year-long internships. Please complete the application here.

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