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COS Philosophy and Inclusivity

Do COS programs include profanity?

No. We don’t believe in using offensive language or graphic depictions.

Do you have a diverse group of presenters from whom we can select?
Absolutely. The COS team represents a wide array of religious beliefs, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, and other demographics. We are from all over the country and all grew up differently.
Do your programs discuss abortion or political issues?
No. We don’t “take sides” or “preach” about controversial issues. We pride ourselves on remaining neutral and sticking to the topic of our program.

Fees and Expenses

What does it cost to host a presentation?
$250 and up. A live web-presentation starts at $250. Onsite programs start at $500. Let us know your budget and we’ll give you options of how to maximize your impact.
We have a limited budget. Can we get a discount?
Yes. Let us know the date and the program, and we will give you the total cost. You can also talk to other schools in your area so that we can present at 3 to 6 schools in one visit. You can save up to 50% by doing this.
Can we get an all-inclusive fee?
Yes. Most of our clients opt for an all-inclusive fee so they don’t have to do any extra planning around booking travel and lodging.
Do we need to book the travel and hotel for the presenter?
No. We take care of all travel and lodging arrangements. If you have a guest house or other ways you can help with transportation, please let us know.

Scheduling a Program

How do I schedule a program?

Use the Contact COS Form on our website. Include as much information as you can such as preferred date(s), time(s), audience, topic, goals. We’ll give you a call within one business day, if not within the hour. We aim to make the process quick and easy.

Can we schedule more than one program in a day or have multiple presenters?
Yes. Most of our programs come in variations for students (grade 2 to college), faculty and teachers, employees, parents, businesses and other various audiences. We can also send a team so multiple programs can be done at the same time. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible. Just let us know who you want to reach and on what—we’ll give you recommendations and options.
Do you have a contract for us to use?
Yes. We have a standard contract that we use with most of our clients. If your institution has another contract that we need to use, please send it to us. All contracts require an authorized signature from an adult employee authorized to represent your organization.
When is payment is expected?
A deposit is due within a week of the contract being signed. The balance is due near the program date. If your institution is not permitted by law to pay deposits, we can discuss other payment arrangements.

Program Preparation

Do you have marketing materials, social media cards and other ways to help promote the speaker or workshop once we've booked?
Yes. You can download a program preparation packet from our website. We also have posters for order that are about $1 each.
Can we have the press attend the program?
It depends on the presenter. Please ask your contact at COS. Most of our presenters will do interviews before or after the program.
Can we schedule a dinner or reception with the presenter(s)?
Maybe. Each presenter is unique. Some don’t like to eat before their program. Some will need to get back to the airport after the presentation. Please let us know what you have in mind and we can let you know what’s possible.
Can I contact the presenter directly to schedule a program?
No. Most of our presenters have full plates with jobs, writing, research and other responsibilities. Our presenters work with COS so we can handle all the logistics of scheduling presentations. Contacting them directly would jeopardize their work with COS. We typically schedule a conference call with the client and the presenter to discuss your goals and community. We want you to be confident going into the big event!
Can we schedule a call to plan out the visit with our presenter?
Yes. We schedule a pre-visit conference call with you and the presenter 1-2 weeks in advance. We absolutely want to learn about your situation, experience and policies. Our goal is to craft the best possible program for your community.
I have a question about an upcoming program, whom should I contact at COS?
A COS Program Director. Email or call the person with whom you worked to set up the program. We respond within 1 hour or at the latest, within 1 business day.

Joining the COS Team

Can I become a presenter for COS?

Apply! If you are interested in joining our team, please complete the application here.

Do you have internships?

Yes. We have summer, winter and year-long internships. Please complete the application here.

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