Ensure the keys to your castle are secure

Where do you start when someone else holds the keys to the castle?  What questions should you be asking if you want to make sure that you’ve hired well for your IT Director?  When and if you go 1 to 1, are you prepared for the system load, the repair policies, the personal vs. school use issues, the expectation of privacy, and the user baseline proficiency skill test?  And, what if technological efficiency in practices, applications and programs could trim $100,000 from your bottom line?

How can we help?

How to Audit Your IT Department Even if Your Board and Leadership Is Not So Techy

Conduct a thorough examination of your entire school technology system to ensure it can withstand legal scrutiny, unforeseen security breeches, and service outages. Look behind the digital curtain to gain an understanding of application usage, redundancies, and areas for improvement.

    Execute a thorough IT audit and dodge common technology shortcomings of independent schools with national experts. 

    Ask yourself these three questions.

    1. How are your backups running and what is your data retention policy? 
    2. What does your baseline proficiency skill test cover?
    3. What, if any, liability does your school have for the personally owned devices of our students used on school property during school-sponsored events?

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