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Address real-world issues with impact and diverse voices. Inspire holistic thinking and empathy for your entire community. COS orientation programs, Title IX training, professional development, and multi-day training for employees and students create lasting changes in attitudes and behaviors. Our clients have year-long access to online resource portals, webinars, parent and faculty preparation guides and pre/post-tests to demonstrate efficacy for risk management and legal compliance.

Sample Higher Education Program Series

Title IX: Equality for All

Diversity & Inclusivity: Get Under Your Skin

Consent & Sexual Misconduct: I Said – You Said: Join the Jury and Hear the Case

Learning Outcomes:

  • Definitions and mandates of Title IX
  • Best practices to create transparency, equity, and integrate victimology in sanctions, support, and education
  • Reporting requirements and legal obligations for state and federal compliance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Bias, prejudice, and intentional and unintentional discrimination
  • Necessity and benefits of inclusivity
  • Differences as essential to long-term entity sustainability and personal success
  • Strategies for adopting and fostering mutual respect and communication skills

Learning Outcomes:

  • What constitutes valid consent, including the difference between coercion and seduction
  • Alcohol and other drugs impact decision-making abilities and whether consent is still valid
  • Myths and stereotypes which contribute to and perpetuate sexual violence and how to dispel them.
  • Ways to clearly communicate with a partner about expectations and boundaries.
  • Bystander skills and strategies, including how to intervene when they see others in vulnerable situations.

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