Trainings with proven results

COS has partnered with the Pentagon, the Department of Defense, and over 20 U.S. military bases to achieve increased knowledge, empathy, and improved bystander engagement over the last 30 years. Our qualitative and quantitative results have profoundly impacted both the officers and enlisted on the personal and community problem of sexual harassment and assault. 

Sample Military Programs

Sexual Misconduct Interactive Training for Senior Military Officers

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Training for Enlisted

Learning Outcomes:

  • Current permutations of sexual assault and other forms of student sexual misconduct within the military.
  • Questions and responses to negotiate fact finding and promote leadership.
  • Mock sexual assault and cyber-related sexual misconduct situations and how to best respond.
  • Risk management strategies for preventing and responding to sexual misconduct incidents to reduce recidivism and set the standard for respect.

Learning Outcomes:

  • What constitutes valid consent, including the difference between coercion and seduction.
  • How alcohol and other drugs impact decision-making abilities and whether consent is still valid.
  • Myths and stereotypes which contribute to and perpetuate sexual violence and how to dispel them.
  • Ways to clearly communicate with a partner about expectations and boundaries.
  • Bystander skills and strategies, including how to intervene when they see others in vulnerable situations.

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