Engaging training for faculty and staff on relevant topics

Empower and imbue faculty and staff with necessary skills to adapt to ever-changing legal, technological, and generational landscapes. Ensure educators navigate situations ranging from awkward to life-threatening whilst setting appropriate boundaries. Knowledge, preparation and practice are essential for success. With decades of experience in work with thousands of institutions, we provide case studies coupled with captivating discussion.

From faculty and staff to administrators and boards, our programming indelibly affects campus culture in a meaningful and positive way. We offer governance workshops, board retreats, faculty in-service days, and administrative training, all delivering critical content with diverse voices.

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Professional Development Topics

Sexual Misconduct

  • Actual Notice & Response
  • Coercion vs. Seduction
  • Hugs & Physical Contact
  • Continuum of Risky Interaction
  • Electronic Communications
  • Athletics & Coach Training

Faculty Communication

  • Email Etiquette & Norms
  • Texting No-No’s
  • Phone Calls Home
  • Office Hours: Online & In-Person
  • Tutoring & Personalized Help
  • Extra-Curriculars & Coaching
  • Use of Institution’s Name or Logo


  • Personal Use of Institutional Devices
  • Expectation of Privacy
  • On-Campus Use of Private Devices
  • Confiscation of Student Devices
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Use of Institution’s Name or Logo

Equity & Inclusion

  • Racial Sensitivity
  • Inclusive Spaces
  • Disability Accommodations
  • Gender Equity
  • Gender Identity & Expression
  • Political Expression
  • Religious Beliefs

“Katie, I enjoyed your presentation, and it gave me a lot to think about. I’m planning to develop my own program in the coming years. It was helpful to hear what you had to say in regard to risk management, as policies and procedures and business management are things I’m still learning about.”

Conference Workshop Attendee

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© 2023 Campus Outreach Services.
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