Protecting your brand with legal enforceability

Your name and logo represent your mission and vision. Have you adequately trademarked your brand under all the appropriate USPTO classifications, including all relevant goods and services? Ensure brand integrity and marketplace recognizability for the long-term. Have an easy way to reel in parents, alumni, and employees using your institutional brand, logos, or marks without authorization.

How can we help?

Quiz Yourself: What Would You Do?

  1. A faculty member starts a tutoring service using your school email address and logo. How do you respond? How do you pay for the liability claim when the student going to the house of the tutor trips and falls and breaks their leg?
  2. A parent uses your logo to endorse their own business in the larger community. How do you respond? Do you have legal standing to compel them to remove the logo?  
  3. An institution in another state has the same name as your school. Your prospective parents are getting confused, as when they Google your school name, the other school comes up first in the search rankings. How do you improve your SEO related to your brand in the search engine marketplace? 

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