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Customized Online Learning Module on Sexual Misconduct:

Overview & Fee Schedule

For 30+ years, COS has served as an educational partner to 5000+ schools around the world in addressing sexual misconduct with onsite and online training programs for students, faculty, staff, administrators, and coaches. Our research-proven methods and engaging content increase knowledge, improve attitudes and behaviors, and foster bystander engagement.

COS customized modules provide comprehensive, impactful training imbued with your institution’s policies, resources, and mission. We combine our curricula with your community’s own faces and voices for greater connection with participants. You choose the options to meet your specific needs — from session length and learning outcomes to relatable case studies. We can create modules for specific student types and schools: international, non-traditional age, commuter, athletes, Greeks, ROTC, military, medical school, graduate school, law school, other specialty schools, etc.

Customization Options

Module Length

15 minutes – $2000

20 minutes – $3000

30 minutes – $4000

Survivor Story – Choose from Diverse Options

Add 1 – $500

Add 2 – $750

Add 3 – $1000

Add a Presenter Type

Legal/Law Enforcement – $250

Rape Crisis Counselor – $250

Medical Expert – $250

Presenters from Your Institution

Add 1 – $300

Add 2 – $550

Add 3 – $750

Custom Content

Your Policy – $250

Your Resources – $250

Your State Laws – $500


Hearing Impaired – $500

Visually Impaired – $500

Additional Languages – $500 each

Post Test Options

No ID + Standard Questions – $0

ID + Standard Questions – $500

Add 5 Customized Questions – $250

Report & Data Analysis

Simple Pass – Fail – $0

Single Variable Isolation – $500

2 Variable Isolation – $1000

All modules are compliant with Title IX requirements and government mandates and include a trigger warning. We customize with your logo and branding, as well as the options below. 

School Policies

  • Sexual misconduct policy and reporting options
  • Substance use policy in cases of sexual assault
  • Definition of “effective” vs. “affirmative” consent
  • Retaliation and false reporting policies
  • Bystander policy
  • Sanctions for committing sexual misconduct

School Mission & Resources

  • Community values and beliefs
  • School services and how to access them
  • Confidential and non-confidential resource options
  • Organizations providing support for survivors
  • Awareness events, such as Take Back The Night
  • Institutional data on social norms and/or crime statistics
  • Religious statement
  • Inclusivity statement

“I have worked with Katie on a number of occasions. She presented at one of my former schools, La Lumiere School, to our high school students and to our parents. Two summers ago, she visited my previous school and presented to our 4th and 5th graders, our middle school, our high school, our parents, and our faculty. She also helped us tighten up the language in our handbooks. Simply put, Katie is the best. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and most importantly, memorable. Students and parents still talk about her long after she is gone, and I have for years been using her examples in language as I build off her visits.”

Head of School

Evansville Day School, IN

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