Renowned attorneys, psychologists, researchers, educators & best-selling authors

Comprehensively address sexual misconduct, abuse, and harassment with COS Sexual Misconduct Consultation and Training. We provide engaging content, interactive case studies and the ability to demonstrate compliance and completion. COS sexual misconduct response trainers include renowned attorneys, psychologists, researchers, educators, and best-selling authors.

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Consultation Topics

  • Best Practices for Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policies

  • Cyber-Sexual Misconduct Disciplinary Board Training

  • Cyber-Sexual Misconduct: Overview of Issues

  • Dating Violence | Domestic Abuse

  • Faculty and Coaches Response Training

  • Healthy Relationships and Consent

  • Helping a Sexual Assault Victim for RA’s and Peer Leaders

  • Judicial Board Response Training and Mock Trial

  • Men’s Peer Education Training

  • Peer Leadership Training: Getting Going and Beyond

  • Police and Security Response Training

  • Residence Life and Student Leaders Response Training

  • Responding to the Accused

  • Sexual Harassment

Top Uses For Our Sexual Misconduct Response Training


Department of Justice, Department of Education, and state requirements

Due Diligence

Demonstrate best practices for risk reduction and training


Use post-tests to confirm comprehension and skill acquisition


Provide tailored training based on position by national experts in the same position

COS Sexual Misconduct Consultation Services

“Katie Koestner is simply the best trainer on student safety and sexual harassment prevention. She engages the audience with thought-provoking, relevant questions and scenarios, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. This atmosphere keeps participants involved and encourages deeper understanding. Throughout her presentations Ms. Koestner relates her own personal story, which makes the experience even more compelling. Institutions should bring in the best trainers no matter the topic and Katie Koestner is unquestionably the expert in this field.”

Karen Zorn

President - Longy School of Music, MA

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