Empowering your team to make tough calls

Make discipline part of your educational mission, rather than a distraction from your school community. Our proactive approach includes training manuals, procedure training, case analysis, neutral third-party mediation, and real-time case practice. Our talented COS team empowers your team to make tough calls by building confidence in applying policies with consistency and clarity.

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Full Day Immersion in Sexual Misconduct Crisis with Real-Time Response

Ready. Set. Go! The clock is ticking as the events unfold. How do you respond when someone reports sexual misconduct or assault? Practice your response in real time. The initial notice arrives, and then every few minutes various members of your institution receive text messages, e-mails, and voicemails. The hashtag is already being discussed by frustrated students. Work with your team to get ahead of the deluge and unfolding complications.

We launch the training with a rapidly unfolding, seat-of-your-pants crisis. Your team must process each additional issue with limited resources, knowledge, and personnel. Test your cool under fire, your ability to articulate clear leadership stances, media soundbites, and parental communications. Missteps could mean police driving up with lights ablaze and TV news cameras pulling onto campus. We continue to reveal the challenges and your team is tested on their response and ability to think through “what to do next, and what has to be done first.”

This training builds confidence, issue knowledge, risk management acumen, wordsmith communication skills, and strategies to create interstitial lulls within the storm. Learn team strengths and weaknesses to better respond under pressure.

“I have worked with Katie on a number of occasions. She presented at one of my former schools, La Lumiere School, to our high school students and to our parents. Two summers ago, she visited my previous school and presented to our 4th and 5th graders, our middle school, our high school, our parents, and our faculty. She also helped us tighten up the language in our handbooks. Simply put, Katie is the best. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and most importantly, memorable. Students and parents still talk about her long after she is gone, and I have for years been using her examples in language as I build off her visits.”

Head of School

Evansville Day School, IN

Ask yourself these 3 questions.

  1. Are you consistent in how you treat sexual misconduct and racial discrimination? 
  2. Are you competent in using restorative practices in discipline?
  3. Are you using a single administrator or a disciplinary team to address sensitive forms of discrimination? Why or why not?

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