Conference, Keynote, and Impact

Working with the Fortune 100 to non-profit organizations, COS has produced lasting change with our combination of compelling conference keynotes, online training modules, and comprehensive risk management strategies around discrimination of all kinds. We obtain mindful lasting individual and culture change to bolster respectful interactions among employees regarding gender, race, and all differences in identity. 

Sample Corporate Programs

Committing to Inclusivity on Gender, Race, and All Identities

Obligations for Responding to Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Discrimination

Stress and Anxiety Management for Professionals

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gray Areas” of sexual harassment 
  • Power dynamics in the workplace
  • Appropriate boundaries with colleagues and clients
  • Bias and discrimination vs. inclusivity
  • Checking personal attitudes and underlying biases

Learning Outcomes:

  • Jurisdiction and what constitutes notice
  • State and local laws pertaining to reporting requirements
  • What and how to report
  • Failure to report
  • Confidentiality limitations
  • Side-taking and the importance of neutrality

Learning Outcomes:

  • Stress triggers and instant mitigation skills 
  • Human “stress response” and antidote
  • Two minute solutions to stymie stress and anxiety
  • Daily practices for stress reduction
  • Perfectionism as a source of stress 

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