We believe students can make safe, healthy decisions

Respect can be the standard, not just an expectation. Campus Outreach Services offers unmatched sexual assault prevention training, substance use programs, mental health school assemblies, college transitions workshops, and customized series of other wellness topics. With compelling presenters and pragmatic resources, our impact lasts beyond an hour, a week, a year. We deliver pin-drop moments for lifetime change.

Fulfill requirements for Title IX prevention training, NCAA student athlete prevention programming, new student orientation, and professional development for sexual misconduct response. Our interactive programs for respectful relationships, healthy technology habits, school safety, and sexual assault prevention, among others, pave the way for positive change in your community. 

We commit to informing our clients with inclusive, diverse, and empathetic voices. Our engaging experts, including best-selling authors, cutting-edge researchers, and distinguished professors, share scientifically-sound data and inspirational stories of resilience. Align personal vision and community mission with presentations for K-12 schools, colleges and universities, parent organizations, and corporations.

COS’s risk management team invests in your community with customized solutions for handbook and policy review, Title IX response audits, disciplinary board training, accreditation readiness, and crisis consultation. Our team combines decades of expertise and heartfelt personal experience to ensure you achieve long-term success in safety, equity, and wellness.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Campus Outreach Services actively seeks to serve diverse communities. We thrive from the vibrant and varied perspectives of our staff and consultants from a range of backgrounds. Our organization stands against all forms of discrimination and seeks to promote environments where people feel heard, valued, and free to contribute their ideas and talents. Every COS presentation and consultation is steeped in this essential commitment to equity and inclusion.

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© 2023 Campus Outreach Services.
All Rights Reserved.

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