Ensure your institution has not missed any legal crack

The COS “Sexual Misconduct Response System Audit” provides a comprehensive unbiased, 3rd party team assess how well your institution responds to a wide variety of sexual misconduct and gender issues. Learn how various departments and personnel respond to reports – both direct and 3rd party. Understand which groups may need more training on victimology, sensitivity and bias. This Audit reveals your “weakest links.”

We can include all offices and department — from Maintenance and Athletics to Food Service Vendors and Bookstore employees.  You choose the scope and budget for this project. We give you recommendations on how to best utilize your resources to assess your most critical vulnerabilities.

How clients have customized their Audits

    • Analyze responses to reports made via phone, email, social media, text, and online blogs
    • Assess ability or inability to provide confidentiality and comprehensive response by various employees to reports
    • Understand required response when a student or employee describes behavior that constitutes sexual misconduct, but doesn’t realize what they are describing is a violation of campus policies and/or the law
    • Evaluate testing of situations in off-campus locations, including local bars and clubs
    • Measure student and employee knowledge of policies and reporting options with focus groups
    • Gauge physical building safety and access points to residence halls
    • Quantify local resource competency and cooperation with institution in responding to reports, including Planned Parenthood, clinics, hospitals, local places of worship, and local police and law enforcement
    • Test response to reports of stalking, dating abuse, sexual harassment, gender harassment, sexual assault, rape, and other forms of sexual misconduct
    • Assess response to reports by alleged victims of various gender identities, races, ethnicities and other demographics

    “I have worked with Katie on a number of occasions. She presented at one of my former schools, La Lumiere School, to our high school students and to our parents. Two summers ago, she visited my previous school and presented to our 4th and 5th graders, our middle school, our high school, our parents, and our faculty. She also helped us tighten up the language in our handbooks. Simply put, Katie is the best. She is knowledgeable, engaging, and most importantly, memorable. Students and parents still talk about her long after she is gone, and I have for years been using her examples in language as I build off her visits.”

    Head of School

    Evansville Day School, IN

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