Campus Safety

From open shooters to unlocked doors, COS assesses the safety of buildings and grounds as well as your other locations of operation. We make community wellbeing financially accessible to all institutions, regardless of size, endowment, mission or location. We anticipate a multitude of potential situations to bring you peace of mind.

Our team of FBI agents, former police chiefs, military experts and seasoned campus police and security directors provide efficient, cost-effective solutions. We are not driven by commissions from expensive security systems to maintain neutrality. We provide convenient, focused, adaptable, and responsive training, certification, and expertise in all areas of campus and student safety and risk.

How can we help?

Campus Safety Case Study

ISSUE: A 9th grade student at a high school with a highly competitive athletics program began withdrawing from activities. For a class assignment, he submitted a brooding, dark poem about death and dying. He told his coach he wanted to quit the team citing family issues at home.


COS Solution

COS had been working with the school to address sexual violence and learned about this situation. We implemented our Climate Survey and Campus Safety Assessment Tool. Upon review of the results, we identified a regular practice of hazing occurring in unsecured practice rooms. We added door locks, building surveillance, educational programming, policy improvements and additional reporting avenues for abuse, hazing and harassment.

OUTCOME: The school is physically safer, and the community has zero tolerance for bullying, hazing and harassment as evidenced by follow-up surveys and focus group discussions.


“I just thought you should know that your presentation last Wednesday is probably responsible for saving someone’s life.”

Director of Campus Activities

University of New Orleans, LA


  • How and why to conduct
  • Prioritize risks
  • Create an action plan within budget


  • Alarms & Surveillance
  • Entrances & Exits
  • Fire & Hazards
  • Maintenance


  • Communications
  • Operations & Procedures
  • Prevention
  • Response


COS Risk Management Resources and Models will be available shortly.

Could you use our help? Try these questions.

  1. What is your standard for the security and safety of hotels used by your students for athletic travel and field trips?
  2. Have you had students walk through the campus at dark with your security team to point out where they don’t feel safe?


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