Virtual Podium

The COS Virtual Podium brings live programs to your campus—complete with our resources, support, curricula and assessments—minus the plane ticket. Save the trees. Keep the fossil fuels underground.

  • Our presenters may not be able to shake hands after the program, but we will touch lives. With the live cast, the presenter answers questions, engages in debate and discussion, as if standing on the stage in person.
  • Let the cadence of our presenter’s voice generate rhythm in your auditorium. The big screen is filled with our captivating program.
  • We can broadcast to a theatre, on 1-to-1 devices or into classrooms and other spaces across your campus.
  • Receive tech-set up and checklist for a test run to ensure everything is a green light for the live session. You’ll be confident when 2000 students are swarming to the auditorium, we are ready for your spotlight to start on queue.
  • Virtual Podium is available for assemblies, workshops, professional development and any other event where you’d normally have a live presenter. Affordable options start $250. Recordings of your session are available for those who miss the live program.

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Meet Our Virtual Podium & Connect Team

Dr. Lawrence Epstein, Regional Medical Director for the Harvard-Affiliated Sleep Health Centers

Dr. Epstein is an instructor at Harvard Medical School and coauthor of, The Harvard Medical School Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep. Dr. Epstein is a Sleep Medicine specialist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Cynthia Kuhn, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology at Duke University School of Medicine

Dr. Kuhn is a highly regarded expert in psychiatry and behavioral science. She has worked extensively on alcohol’s influence on the brain and has made significant contributions to research in this area, especially as it relates to teens.

Katie Koestner, National Public Speaker, Educator, Activist and Author on Student Safety Issues

Ms. Koestner appeared on the cover of TIME Magazine at age 18 as the first person in history to speak out nationally and publicly as the victim of “date rape.” She is the subject of an HBO movie, has appeared on Oprah, CNN, NBC News, Good Morning America and over 100 other media outlets. She has impacted over 10 million people with her presentations.