Relationships and Gender

A list of titles, brief descriptions and past presenters are provided below. Click here to learn more about our faculty.

Defining Health Adolescent Sexuality

Panelists discussed contemporary teen sexuality, the complexities of sexual identity, and critical decision-making skills. They also discussed strategies for building stronger and more satisfying romantic relationships, and illuminated current research on adolescent sexuality.

Dr. Jane Bogart
Director of Student Wellness, Columbia University
Lisa Currie
Director of Health Education, Wesleyan University
Dr. John Watson
Director of Alcohol, Other Drug, and Health Education, Drexel University 

Healthy Relationships

Experts discussed how to reduce students’ risk of experiencing sexual violence how to respond appropriately if a adolescent is assaulted. They discussed the signs and symptoms of dating violence and abuse, and gave advice on how to assist students end an unhealthy relationship.

Todd Crawford
Former Monterey Rape Crisis Center Rape Prevention Educator
Frances Mantak
Former Director of Health Education at Brown University
Dr. Jill Murray
Healthy Relationships Expert

HookUp Culture

Panelists defined adolescent hookup culture and the consequences of casual sexual encounters. They helped teens develop their own definitions of “hookup culture,” and understand the complexities of adolescent sexuality.

Gordon Braxton
Former Sexual Violence Prevention Specialist, Harvard University
Heather Corinna
Founder of
Denice Ann Evans
Former CEO of J’Hue Films 

Responding to and Preventing Sexual Abuse, Assault, and Harassment

adolescent sexuality

Ms. Perkinson effectively trained school faculty, staff, and administrators to master key definitions and reporting requirements surrounding sexual misconduct. She discussed the most current legal parameters and research regarding sexual abuse, assault, and harassment for teaching professionals.

Ashley Perkinson
Education Attorney

Talking About Human Sexuality, Sex Education, and Sexual Assault

Presenters discussed adolescent sexuality, gender and sexual identity, and sexual violence. They assisted teens in developing  critical decision-making skills and provided examples on how to navigate complex situations. Finally, presenters described strategies for building stronger and more satisfying romantic relationships. 

Peter Lake
Charles A. Dana Chair, Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University
Joleen Nevers
Health Education Coordinator, University of Connecticut
Deborah Roffman


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