COS curricula and programs “distract” your students into full attention. We shift the faculty room conversation toward renewed vigor in how to engage students and disperse knowledge.  Our content is imbued with the latest research, current events, legal mandates and data.

The COS Partnership Program provides ongoing training, education and risk management to schools committed to a comprehensive, sustainable, research-driven approach on healthy relationships, inclusivity and mindfulness.  The Wellness Resource Library affords access to hundreds of curricula, on-demand videos, handouts and discussion guides for an affordable annual fee.  Areas include wellness, character, leadership, risk management, school discipline, and professional development. Acquire individual policies, curriculum guides, training manuals, and school administration forms in the COS Resource Shop.

“You are an exceptional educator and authority on bullying, cyber bullying and harassment. Your dedication to eradicate this phenomenon, coupled with your speaking skills allowed you to captivate the audience. You “kept it real “as you creatively wove the audience through a myriad of examples of harassment, the laws that have been written regarding harassment and bullying and preventative ways in which to deal with this serious issue in schools, places of business, etc. Thank you!”

Assistant Principal

Copiague High School, NY