Partnership Program

Schools committed to a comprehensive, sustainable, research-driven approach on healthy relationships, inclusivity and mindfulness join the COS Partnership Program.  We bolster the skills and effectiveness of your team by bringing you national experts, inspiring educators, up-to-date curricula, and risk management best practices. We train your advisors, empower your student leaders, engage your parents and evaluate your policies and procedures.

The Partnership Program is multi-year (typically 4-8 year) commitment to working with COS around one or more key risk and wellness issues. We set-up an initial plan and then annually re-evaluate and adjust programming and resources as indicated at year-end based on data and feedback.

COS has hundreds of schools and colleges using the Partnership Program, and our members benefit from benchmarking with peer institutions. They count on COS to grow with their institution, from understanding their history with an issue to how their student and employees continue to evolve and grow in part with our support.

Our long-standing relationships are built on trust, commitment and excellence.  For example, we have worked with Amherst College for 8+ years, with Brown University for 10+ years, with Harvard-Westlake School for 10+ years, with Greenwich Academy for 15+ years, and Virginia Military Institute for 5+ years.


  • On-Site Programming

  • Professional Development

  • Parent Education

  • Wellness Library Access

  • Climate Survey Use

  • Handbook and Policy Updates


  • Risk Management

  • Parent Engagement

  • Developmental Education

  • Research Based

Partnership Members Resources

  1. A customized Character and Wellness Program: We begin with an assessment of need and goal-setting.  We review research on developmental best practices for wellness education, your current in-house staff resources, and the time allocated to wellness education. 
  2. On-site Programs: Next, we create a plan to deliver the educational material to your students, parents and faculty over four years. We offer facilitation guides, curricula supplements, and survey instruments.  One size does not fit all, and with the annually updated and customized programs your institution will receive, we anticipate being more effective in our work to address negative behaviors and attitudes and better promoting the positive.
  3. On-demand Training Sessions for Faculty and Parents:  We address essential safety, risk and wellness issues for your faculty and staff, including overnight care of students.
  4. Wellness and Safety Curricula: Ensure you can educate your community on over fifteen top issues facing students with up-to-date materials.  Curricula are inclusive of students representing diverse cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations, and genders
  5. E-Classrooms: packed with web-seminars featuring nationally known experts and compelling public speakers.
  6. Survey Instruments: Assess campus safety, student wellness and risk issues, with a focus on incidence and bystander behavior.
  7. Unlimited Access to the COS Wellness Resource Library. Over 1000 on-demand resources to reach all members of your community with up-to-date, intelligent education on over 15 major wellness topics. All resources are available through your institution’s individual portal, with unlimited use and unlimited logon’s.

“I offer our unqualified and enthusiastic support for COS and Katie’s work. We have engaged Katie’s team for faculty training, for targeted class training, and for all school training/conversation. Katie has worked with us to tailor her team’s presentations to our specific needs and to dovetail with our community life and human development programs. We have benefited from Katie’s and her teams’ on-going presence at the front edge of national conversations. Working with Katie and COS has made our school better and our work in this incredibly challenging area easier.”

Head of School

Middlesex School, MA