Client Room

We have over five thousand clients around the world. Many host our programs annually. We believe in relationships that extend well beyond our physical visits. Our talented team assists within minutes when seconds count. When a project must get done fast and correctly the first time; we intend to exceed your expectations.

We are committed to doing all we can to ensure our programs and training are highlights for your community. Please contact us anytime with last minute requests. We want to know if an issue has arisen impacting how our message will be heard. Please browse the items below and contact us if you have additional questions.  If you are just learning about COS for the first time, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Topic: Program Preparation

Q: Do you have marketing materials, social media cards and other ways to help promote the program?

A:  Yes.  You’ll be able to download a program preparation packet from the link you receive when you return your contract.  We also have posters available for purchase.

Q: Do you have resources to prepare our community?

A:  Yes.  Our preparation packet includes a presenter introduction, presenter photo, templates for emails to your parents, faculty and students about our program, sample flyers, and other support resources. You’ll receive a link to these when you return your contract.

Q: Can we invite the press to attend the program?

A:  Maybe. Please ask your contact at COS. Most of our presenters will do interviews and photos before or after the program. Video is not permitted during any program without prior written permission.

Q: Can we schedule a call to plan the visit with our presenter?

A:  Yes. We schedule a pre-visit conference call with you, our COS Program Director and the presenter about a week in advance.  We absolutely want to learn about your community, policies, and program goals. We aim to craft the best possible program for your community.

Q: Can I contact the presenter directly to schedule a program?

A:  No. Most of our presenters have full plates with jobs, writing, research, and other responsibilities. Our presenters work with COS so we can handle all the logistics of scheduling presentations. The planning call will include your presenter and your COS contact. You’ll meet your presenter and discuss your goals and community.

Q: Can we have a pre and post-test to assess the program?

A:  Yes. We provide these at no additional cost with our programs. We want to know if the program was effective as much as you do!

Topic: On-site Program Logistics

Q: What do we need to provide in terms of travel?

A:  A parking pass, directions and a map. Our clients usually prefer us to make travel arrangements. If you have ways you can help with transportation or lodging, please let us know. Please provide any needed parking passes for the presenter(s) and instructions on which parking lot they should use. Campus maps and directions are always welcome.

Q: What do we need to provide in terms of lodging?

A:  Hotel accommodations – possibly. Some of our clients prefer COS to make lodging arrangements and others do this with a local hotel themselves. If you have a guest house or host family, please let us know, and we can run these options by the presenter.

Q: When will the presenter arrive on campus?

A:  30-60 minutes before the program.  Our presenters often travel a great distance to work with our clients, so they typically want to get to their hotel and rest up before their program. They will be on campus early enough to test the sound system and any other technologies. If you need the presenter on campus early, please let us know.

Q: Can we get a copy of the presenter’s PowerPoint before the program to test it on our system?

A:  No. We protect our intellectual property, and support your preparation, too.  We provide a “test PPT” if you would like to see how your system works with our presentation model. The link to this will be in your confirmation after you return your contract.

Q: What kind of microphone is needed?

A:  A handheld microphone is needed for any audience with 50 or more people. Our presenters prefer handheld cordless microphones. If you only have corded microphones, that will work. Lavalier microphones are the least preferred option.

Q: Other than a microphone, what other technology is needed?

A: Laptop with Internet.  Most of our programs require the ability to show a PowerPoint Presentation. Plan to provide a laptop with internet connectivity so the presenter can access their PowerPoint from Google Drive.  Please provide a remote for the presenter to be able to control the slides from the stage. A few of our presenters will want to have the laptop with them on the stage for full control of the keyboard.

Q: Can we schedule a dinner or reception with the presenter(s)?

A:  Maybe. Each presenter is unique. Some do not like to eat before their program.  Some will need to get back to the airport after the presentation and not be able to stay for dinner or a reception.  Please let us know what you have in mind and we can let you know what is possible.

Q: Whom do I contact for emergencies on the day before or day of a program?

A:  Your dedicated COS Program Director. Email or call the person with whom you worked to set up the program. We typically respond immediately, or within 1 hour.

Topic: Virtual Podium & Online Presentations

Q: How many people can attend a Virtual Podium or online presentation?

A:  Up to 10,000. We us a platform that can hold 3,000 unique attendees with full interactivity to be able to participate in Live Polling, Q & A, Chat, and other interactions.  We can hold up to 10,000 unique attendees with slightly less interactivity. The platform is 100% secure and not subject to hacking.

Q: How interactive is a Virtual Podium Program?

A:  Fully interactive.  You can have each attendee participate from their own device and they will be able to ask questions, “raise their hand” and ask a question out loud, participate in Live Polls, and send “Chats” to the presenter(s).  All interactions can be anonymous.

Q: Can we test the web-platform on our system before we use it?

A:  Yes. Please visit GoToWebinar to test your system here:

Q: What information is collected about our attendees when they register?

A:  Name and email. We can also add more questions to include student ID’s, other demographic information, such as grade-level, gender, age, etc. We will go over all your options when we set up your Virtual Podium.

Q: Can the online program be recorded?

A:  Maybe. Most of our programs cannot be recorded without an additional fee. Some of our presenters don’t allow recording at all. Please ask us if you would like to find out if you can have a copy of your program.

Q: Whom do I contact for emergencies on the day before or day of a program?

A:  Your dedicated COS Program Director. Email or call the person with whom you worked to set up the program. We typically respond immediately, or within 1 hour.

Topic: Customizing Presentations For Our Community

Q: Can we specify what we want covered in a presentation?

A:  Somewhat. We have core content for our programs based on years of experience.  Our presenters may adjust this content and their delivery based on your audience’s response, the venue, and other factors to maximize their impact. We will have a planning call with you prior to the program to learn more about your community. We often review local resources, laws ad school policies at the end of the program. This can be done by us or a representative from your institution. A summary of resources on a slide up on a large screen is usually helpful as well. 

Q: Do you have a diverse group of presenters from whom we can select

A:  Absolutely. The COS team represents a wide array of religious beliefs, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual identities, and other demographics. We are from all over the country and all grew up differently.


Topic: Certifications, CEU’s & Proof of Attendance

Q: Can we provide CEU credit to our faculty for attending a program?

A:  Yes.  We will work with you to exceed the requirements of any CEU requirements.  We have done this for thousands of other clients.

Q: Can our attendees receive certification for having attended a program?

A:  Yes.  All COS online learning and Virtual Podium programs include the option of providing confirmation of completion and attainment of learning outcomes.  Our in-person programs can be set up with Certifications as well.

Q: Can our attendees receive proof of having attended a program?

A:  Yes.  All COS online learning and Virtual Podium programs include the option of providing confirmation of attendance and institutional risk management.  Our in-person programs can be set up with Certifications as well.

Topic: Post Program Follow Up

Q: Can we send out Program Evaluations?

A:  Yes – yours or ours.  We have evaluations and post-tests for all of our programs. If you use our follow-up, you can also bench-mark how your participants did on their knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and bystander intervention skills with over 1000 other similar institutions.

Q: Can we send a “Thank you” gift to the presenter?

A:  Absolutely.  Please mail it to COS; c/o Name of Presenter; PO Box 332; Wayne, PA 19087

Topic: Payment

Q: How do we pay for our program or consultation?

A:  Check your contract. Most on-site programs are billed with a deposit within 14 days of the signed agreement and a final payment on or before the date of the program.  COS accepts checks, direct deposits, or payment with a credit card with payment of a processing fee. Consulting is billed at a flat rate or hourly fee. Virtual Podium programs are paid in advance with your confirmation.

“I just want to let you know how impressed, affected, touched, thankful, and an entire list of other words, I am. I was exactly as you described: thinking that is was going to be like our other assemblies, boring, long, single-sided (since they are usually political assemblies), and just downright uninteresting. Let me say that I was dead wrong. Basically, I found you the most powerful, awe-inspiring, and connected speaker I have ever heard talk on any subject. You seemed to share all of yourself with us, you didn’t try to hold back emotions, and this created an indispensable connection with your young impressionable audience.” 

Female Student

Paideia School, GA

“Thanks for coming to work with the ninth grade. You were excellent.”

Dean of Students

Groton School, MA