Risk Resources

COS provides models, templates and assessment tools to help institutions stay current, comprehensive and implement best practices to manage risk. Authored and reviewed by leading subject matter experts, specialized attorneys and seasoned practioners; our models are both thorough and pragmatic. While we don’t provide preview copies, we are happy to schedule a webinar with your team to review features.


  • Employee Handbook Model (College)
  • Employee Handbook Model (K-12)
  • Family Handbook Model (K-12)
  • Student Handbook Model (Higher Education)
  • Sub-contractor Handbook (K-12)

Individual Policies (within handbooks)

  • Academic Integrity and Honesty
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs
  • Authority (for Handbook Orientation)
  • Campus Cleanliness
  • Confidentiality and Information Sharing
  • Copyright and Intellectual Property
  • Dress Philosophy
  • Equity, Inclusion and Non-Discrimination
  • Gambling and Currency
  • Gifts
  • Harassment and Bullying
  • Harm and Physical Abuse
  • Hazing
  • Healthy Relationships, Intimacy and Affirmative Consent
  • Jurisdiction and Scope
  • Noise
  • Parent and Guardian Expectations
  • Personally Owned Technology Devices
  • Pornography and Offensive Content
  • Professional Boundaries (Higher Education)
Personal Property
  • Professional Boundaries (K-12)
  • Property of Others
  • Prosocial Bystanders
  • Right to Revise
  • Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, and Child Abuse Prevention Policies
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Sustainability
  • Technology (Responsible Use of Technology) (Higher Education)
  • Technology (Responsible Use of Technology) (K-12)
  • Weapons, Threats and Disruptive Items

Individual Discipline Polices (for Handbooks)

  • Amnesty
  • Appeals
  • Application for Readmission
  • Determination of Process
  • Disciplinary Sanctions
  • Inspection Policy
  • Jurisdiction and Scope
  • Notification of Outcome
  • Parent/Guardian Involvement
  • Purpose and Reporting
  • Recordkeeping
  • Reporting to Colleges
  • Retaliation and False Reports
  • The Hearing Process, Cooperation and Failure to Participate

Discipline Forms and Manuals

  • Administrative and Board-Style Hearing/Meeting Script(s) with Checklist(s)
    • Also includes “Pre-hearing Meeting Script with Checklist”
    • Also includes “Conduct Hearing Script for Hearing Boards”
    • Also includes “Confidentiality and Commitment Agreement for Hearing Board Members”
    • Also includes “Hearing Board Guidelines and Training Elements Standards”
  • Conduct hearing layoutIncident Report Form with Routing Instructions
  • Initial Intake Interview Questions for Sexual Misconduct Incident
  • Initial Intake Interview Questions for Technology-Related Incident
  • Discipline Initial Response: “Notice of Charges” letter template
  • Discipline Initial Response: “Interim Action(s)” letter template
  • Discipline Initial Response: “No Contact Order/Ban” letter template
  • Discipline Initial Response: “Notice of Meeting/Pre-hearing/Hearing” letter template
    • Also includes “Responding Party Notification” letter template
  • Disciplinary Response: “No Charges Filed” letter template
  • Disciplinary Response: “Notice of Incident Report, No Interim Measures” letter template
  • Disciplinary Response: “Medical/Personal Leave of Absence Requirement” letter template
  • Disciplinary Response: “Suspensions with/Medical or Mental Health requirements and Release of Information Forms” letter template
  • Disciplinary Response: “Appeal/Reconsideration Determination” letter template
  • Disciplinary Response: “Trespass Notice” letter template
  • Disciplinary Issues: “Post-Action and/or Post-Graduation Disciplinary Action” letter templates
    • Plus, also includes 6 different letter templates for 6 possible situations
  • Disciplinary Issues: “Past-Due Sanctions” letter template
  • Outcome letters (to include Notice to Parents)
    • Warning
    • Probation
    • Suspension
    • Expulsion/Dismissal
  • Sanctioning Guidelines Grid and Disciplinary Witness Analysis Tool for Bias and Relevance
  • Sexual Misconduct Conduct Board Training Manual

Employee Items

  • Employee Performance Self-Assessment From

Releases and Other Forms for School Administration

  • Activity Permission Form
  • International Trip Permission Release Form
  • Parental Permission/Release Form for “Guardian/Relative” Visits
  • Privacy and Confidentiality Statement for E‐mail Transmissions
  • Release for Artistic Works Use (by your faculty, students, school website)
  • Release for Drug Testing (Employees)
  • Release for Drug Testing (Students)
  • Release for Photo/Image Acquisition and Use by School
  • Release for Pick-up/Drop-off “Authorized Adult List”
  • Release for Transportation Changes for Athletics Event and Field Trips
  • Release for Video Taping and Use by School
  • Trip Permission Release Form
  • Waiver Release for Parents about Personal Technological Devices Brought to School
  • Waiver Release for Parents for their Children to Utilize the Internet for School Projects and Homework Assignments

Reputation Management

  • Online Reputation Management Guide and Implementation Schedule

Response Protocols for Risk Management

  • Campus Safety Assessment Tool
  • GLBTQ Campus Inclusivity Assessment Tool
  • Technology Risk Assessment Tool

Risk Assessment Tools

  • Campus Safety Risk Assessment
  • Disciplinary Issues Risk Assessment
  • Gender and Sexual Identity Inclusivity Assessment
  • Sexual Misconduct Risk Assessment
  • Technology Risk Assessment
  • Technology-Related Sexual Misconduct Risk Assessment

Sex/Gender-based Harassment, Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct Procedures and Templates

  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Accept or Denial of Request for Reconsideration” email template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Delay of Process” email template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Introduction of School Support Person to Assigned Reporting Party/Respondent” email template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Investigation Report” template
  • Sexual Harassment/misconduct “Notice of Charges and Investigation” letter template
  • Sexual Harassment/misconduct “Notice of Informal Resolution Meeting” letter template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Notice of School Support Person Assignment” letter template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Outcome of Request for Reconsideration” letter template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Outcome” letter template
  • Sexual harassment/misconduct “Receipt of Request for Reconsideration” email template
  • Sexual Harassment/misconduct “Request to Meet” letter template

Sexual Misconduct Response Protocols

  • Checklist for Responding to Allegations of Sex/Gender-based Harassment or Discrimination
  • Checklist for Responding to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct for Employees
  • Checklist for Responding to Allegations of Sexual Misconduct for Students
  • Sexual Misconduct Incident Report Form
  • Timely Warning Plan and Notice

Survey Instruments

  • Boundaries Survey for Employees
  • Boundaries Survey for Students
  • Gender Issues Climate Survey
  • National Gender and Sexual Misconduct Climate Survey

Technology Issues

  • Technology-Related Incident Report Form

Terms and Conditions Models

  • Email Confidentiality Notice
  • Email Disclaimer for Health Professionals
  • Website Privacy Statement
  • Website Terms of Use

Travel and Residential/Overnight Care Forms, Letters, Templates and Risk Management Items

  • Residence Life/Overnight Care Relocation letter template
  • Residence Life/Overnight Care Room Inspection (Health and Wellness) Checklist
  • Residence Life/Overnight Care Suspension from Housing/Rooming letter template
    • Also includes Residence Hall Staff Guidelines and Agreement
  • Overnight Travel Risk Management Checklist for Supervisors
  • Overnight Trips/Care Health and Wellness Checklist
  • Overnight Trips/Care Inspection Notice template