Body Image and Wellness

Body Image

Body Image Program Content

  • Current media references and salient statistics
  • Personal anecdotes and real-life stories
  • Bystander empowerment strategies
  • Impactful, not alarmist
  • Champion critical thinking and opportunities for questions

Are people getting stronger, thinner, and more attractive?

What is “healthy eating” – vegan, gluten free, low fat?

From the 2D media platter, we consume endless images of perfection. Models and actors represent less than 5% of 3D men and women. Do we embrace the race or resist “buying in” to unrealistic standards? Learn what is healthy and what is truly harmful.

COS offers media-literacy and research-based presentations that prompt thoughtful discussion. Start building comfort in your own skin. Our presenters share their stories detailing personal struggle with eating and body image. They impart knowledge and data on nutrition to provide cognitive tools for self-analysis.

Encourage members of your community to evaluate what influences our self-image and determine self-worth based on character. Students, parents, and teachers alike leave prepared and motivated to help those struggling with body image issues.


Body Image Programs