COS Presenter

Alethea Coronado
Cult Survivor, HBO Documentary Unveiled

Pronouns: she/her/hers

The captivating story of Alethea Coronado is featured in the current HBO docuseires Unveiled, as well as other media outlets including The Guardian and ABC News Now. Dr. Alethea Coronado is a 4th generation cult survivor dedicated to educating others before they fall prey to authoritarian groups and/or relationships. Surviving and learning from her jaw-dropping life experiences has enabled her to identify multiple forms of coercive control and become an advocate for the education of the youth in matters of undue influence. With ample experience in public speaking and one-on-one healthcare preventative teaching as a medical doctor, she engages her audiences through her personal story to help them identify manipulation tactics used to attract them into authoritarian relationships, which too often keep them enthralled for their personal gain.

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