COS Presenter

Anima Adjepong, PhD
Sociologist, Author and Speaker

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

Dr. Anima Adjepong is a queer African immigrant living and working in the United States. They research, write, and teach about identity, culture, and social change. Anima is an intersectional scholar who brings an international perspective to questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. They have nearly 15 years of experience teaching, advocating, and conducting research in gender and sexuality, anti-racism, advocacy, and inclusion. Anima received their PhD in Sociology from The University of Texas at Austin, with concentrations in African and African Diaspora Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies, and their A.B. in Comparative Literature from Princeton University.

Anima’s writings have appeared in popular outlets, academic journals, newsletters, and blogs. They have also written a book that illuminates how individuals and groups employ popular culture and art to break down barriers, advance social justice, and manifest anti-colonial feminist realities. As part of their commitment to making scholarship accessible to diverse publics, Anima leads community workshops, gives public lectures, and facilitates training programs.

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