You’ve gone 1 to 1.


You’ve locked down the cell phones.

Regardless of how many devices are roaming your campus or who owns them, are you…

  1. Annually updating your technology policies for students and faculty?
  2. Proactively directing your institution’s online reputation?
  3. Maintaining compliance with cyber laws and staying current on cyber-related litigation in the academic arena?
  4. Reading the fine print on terms and conditions for privacy limitations that could compromise your institution’s sensitive data and ownership rights?

COS Technology Consultation is custom-fit to
school size, age group, existing platforms, project goals, and budget.

You choose your technology stance. 
We ensure it is effective and efficient.

Provide your entire community with cyber-smarts.

  1. Assessment: We give you a starting place by assessing your needs and asking the right questions.
  2. Policies: We write and co-write technology policies, related disciplinary procedures, and protocols for institutions that incorporate best practices around risk reduction and institutional culture.
    • These written-work products comply with federal and state laws and have a strong educational impact.
    • They decrease the likelihood of technology-related misconduct within the school environment.
  3. Online learning: We create custom online-learning programs to impart user responsibilities and expectations to students and faculty.
  4. Professional development: Train, educate, and inspire your entire community on newly-written policies, procedures, and protocols.  Initiate dialogue and integrate it into practice.
  5. Hiring decisions: Let us pose the tough questions to applicants for your IT Director position.  Ensure the new IT Director will understand the needs of your educational community.
  6. Audit Hardware, Software, and PeopleFind the bugs in the system.  Hack it.  Test whether faculty disclose sensitive data.  Find out if students can change their grades.

As the architect of model policies and educational strategies for over 250 institutions, Campus Outreach Services is adept at providing a comfortable, customized process for assessing needs, then developing and implementing comprehensive policies and school strategies around a variety of risk issues.

Our concepts, polices, and programs for reducing liability and incidence have been utilized by West Point; MIT; Stanford; Harvard; Phillips Academy, Andover; Mercersburg Academy; Cheshire Academy; and dozens of other top schools.

Our complete client list exceeds 2000 educational institutions in North America over the last 20 years.

We specialize in providing research-supported, legally-sound risk management strategies for schools.

Our talented, highly-credentialed associates bring national leadership and experience in their respective areas of expertise to our programs.

Additional Resources

The Customizable COS Model Acceptable Use Policy for Schools: This comprehensive model is ready to adapt to your school’s culture and community expectations.  We cover jurisdiction, cyberbullying, intellectual property, confidentiality, electronic communications, video phones, cell phones, PDAs, gaming, social networking, harassment, black mail, plagiarism, free speech, and more!  This legal document has been reviewed and approved by subject-matter experts.

The Cyber-Smarts DVD Series for Schools on Policy, Discipline, and Education (8 hours of training):This fantastic training by national experts and leading attorneys provides a sweeping overview of everything schools need to know about technology and cyber-safety.

The Cyber-Smarts Guide to Today’s Tech-World of Teens for Teachers and Parents: This compendium contains chapters on social networking, gaming, cell phones, media literacy, bullying and harassment, video technology, and much more.  This is a “must-have” encyclopedia for anyone with a child or teenager, as well as for those who work with youth.

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