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Our Effectiveness

We impact minds and hearts of the most critical audiences on today’s hot-button issues. We provide effective school presentations, keynotes and training workshops for students and adults. We create day-long symposia for communities to have courageous conversations. We consult on risk management protocols and policies. Our resource library is stocked with compelling wellness curricula.

  • We have over 5000 clients – K-12 schools, universities, organizations and corporations.
  • We’ve teamed up with the NFL to provide programs in 26 urban middle and high schools.
  • Lifetime TV and HBO selected us as partners for their educational pieces on sexual violence.
  • The Department of Defense and US Ambassadors have sent us out around the world to educate in diverse communities.
  • Insurance companies have sponsored us to support their clients’ safety and training efforts.

Our clients choose us to bring innovation and national leadership to address their biggest and newest areas of prevention and education. We provide captivating, engaging and interactive programs. We do more than present the facts, we bring them to life. We do more than hit the highlights, we dig deep into the nuances.

We know what impacts student attitudes and choices around each high-risk issue to best inspire change, whether they are athletes, enlisted military, Greeks, or 9th graders in health class.

Our presenters may be professors, but not the boring type. Our presenters may be actors but are extraordinarily real and approachable. Our presenters may make TV and media appearances but thrive on three-dimensional interaction with their audience.

We address wellness issues in a way that goes far beyond book learning because our presenters live these issues, have experienced these issues, and work with students and schools every day.

Pre and Post Tests

Learning Outcomes


“Katie invites students into thinking (and acting) about social change on campus. How do we change the conditions that made Katie’s rape possible? How do we stand up as a community against violence, and how should any college respond to support survivors effectively?  Ultimately, Katie’s talk leads students to consider what they, as individuals acting in their communities, can do to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence. Her story leads to a bigger picture of how we grease the wheels of social change.

I truly believe her approach to education works, both pedagogically and as a social change tool. I think it works especially well with bright, skeptical students who like to push at the boundaries of social issues.  Her thoroughness, attention to detail and comprehensive policy knowledge enable her to provide assistance in every aspect of proactive stances on sexual assault prevention and response.”

Assistant Dean for Student Life

Harvard University, MA

“Thank you so much for the time, energy, and thoughtfulness you invested in the visit yesterday. You were so fully engaged from beginning to end, and clearly gave everything possible to us throughout the day. The materials, your enthusiasm, the perspective and expertise, and your reinforcement to all of us about the importance of this work were all meaningful and impactful. I arrived home last night after the parent gathering and was restless, simply because the day left me feeling full, encouraged, optimistic, and inspired – all because of the time you shared with us.”


St. Marks School of Texas

“I am a 19-year-old male student at Kalamazoo College who just attended your program this evening. I am a new freshman, I do not drink, and just like you when you were beginning college I had not, until tonight, in my wildest dreams imagined that rape could affect my friends or myself. I want you to know that I for one know that rape is wrong. I knew it before I even knew who you were, but I hadn’t really thought about any role I could play in preventing rape until you described your experience. I hadn’t thought about how easily someone could find themselves in a situation similar to yours before. But now I am thinking about it. After hearing you speak, I plan to keep an eye out for situations that could lead to rape and refuse to tolerate (although I have never heard it before) any casual references to rape by my peers. I don’t know if this one letter out of the thousands you must surely get means anything to you, but I just wanted you to know that you’ve touched at least one young man on this day.”


Kalamazoo College

“One of the telltale signs of a good presenter is the behavior of the audience, particularly if the audience is made up of middle and high school students.  At the conclusion of our assemblies, not a student moved when the bell rang. They all continued to listen while Ms. Koestner finished, and only moved when she concluded. While assembly content is frequently forgotten the minute they leave the venue, our students were having animated discussions for the rest of the school day.  In addition, we received a great deal of positive feedback from parents, both that night as they left and in the days that followed.

Hands down, this was a top-tier day of presentations.  Ms. Koestner has a unique style that blends humor, clear content, graphic illustration, and authority.  She was accessible and easy to work with before and during the presentation day. I highly recommend the services of Ms. Koestner for all K-12 students and families.” . I want to personally thank you for re-opening my eyes and touching many other guys at sallies. We don’t get many talks that really hit the topic and affect students, but i saw that as your talk progressed, everyone seemed to zone-in, fully comprehending the importance. So, thank you, again! And thank you for allowing many of us to contact you. I think it’s much easier to talk to you about this, than a friend at school.”


Rye Neck Middle School, NY


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