Our Mission

Respect can be the standard, not just an expectation. We believe that students can make safe, healthy decisions. Our programs and resources help make these ideals reality in your community.

Personal experience creates teachable moments. COS transforms and weaves human life stories into messages of strength and inspiration. Students leave our programs thinking about what they just experienced. Our powerful messages still texting fingers and quiet whispers of gossip.

Our Reach

• We impact minds and hearts of the most critical audiences on today’s hot-button issues.
• We provide keynotes and training workshops for students and adults.
• We create day-long symposia for communities to have courageous conversations
• We consult on risk management protocols and policies.
• We offer a resource library stocked with compelling wellness curricula.

Our Expertise

Sexual violence, diversity, sexual harassment, bullying, hate crimes, healthy relationships, assertiveness, eating disorders, suicide and related risk issues. Our programs are current and captivating.

I found the great value in Katie’s presentation to be twofold – one, it opened their eyes to the reality of date rape that they may encounter in college. And, her presentation didn’t treat them like they would all be perpetrators of this type of crime, but rather that they can prevent it if they see warning signs of it happening to others. Katie’s story was incredibly powerful and catalyzed important and meaningful discussion in our subsequent reflection sessions. Also, speaking as a woman, it was important to me to see our students engage with this topic and Katie held their attention well.

Maura Toomb

Director of Campus Ministry