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Become a COS Presenter

If you believe in being extraordinary, we welcome your application.


· Unique background, story, or talent to benefit students, parents, teachers, or school employees

· Experience presenting to 100 audiences of at least 100 people each

· 15-minute video clip of a presentation

· College degree, prefer 3.5+ GPA

· Background check within the last 3 months

To apply: Send cover letter, transcript, video sample, and résumé to


Spend your summer, winter break, or semester making a difference.


· Commitment of at least 15 hours per week for 12 weeks

· 3.4 minimum GPA in college and/or high school

· Use of a PC computer

· Flawless communication skills

· Commitment to health, fitness, and wellness, personally and professionally

· Background check within the last 3 months

To apply: Send your cover letter, transcript, and résumé to