Hiring, firing, and retention

To attract and retain Gen Z and other diverse employees, institutions must continually reevaluate their current culture and retention practices. The fine art of building a spectacular team who embrace an institution’s mission and vision requires a complex and critical array of human resources and institutional support.

How can we help?

Priceless People: Hiring & Firing Costs More Than You Know

Take a 360 degree look at staffing. Examine how to effectively recruit and hire talent, and understand how an institution can instill expectations for new hires. Deploy onboarding best practices to set up new hires for immediate success.

Retaining great faculty remains easier, less risky, and less expensive than hiring new people. How can an institution encourage faculty retention in an age of worker empowerment? While investment in current faculty may be a financial challenge in the moment, it is fiscally responsible when amortized over time.

One toxic staff member can poison the well for your entire team and force your staffing costs to skyrocket. What legal protections should you have in place regarding hiring and firing practices? Learn from COS consultants who have decades of experience working with schools and colleges, listening to faculty and staff, and watching turnover that undercuts a school’s development and growth. 

Ask yourself these three questions.

  1. Do you know the true cost of your hiring and firing decisions?
  2. How are you recruiting top committed talent who buy in to your mission and vision for the long run?
  3. What are your current onboarding practices, and do they align with best practices that produce immediate and long-term success?

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