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  • A church with 5000+ members wanted to ensure their pastors, staff and employees were well-trained on appropriate boundaries with their parishioners. COS assessed current understandings with our Boundaries Survey, and then worked with all employees for a half-day with a combination of lecture and case studies. Then, everyone re-took the Survey, to reveal an incredible boost to near 95% confidence in how to provide care and fellowship while ensuring comfort and respect.
  • COS is not affiliated with any faith group, yet our presenters have tremendous commitment to their personal beliefs and share these when appropriate with our faith-based clients. We have helped groups from all around the world of all faith backgrounds – from Orthodox Jewish to Southern Baptist.



Sample Day

Day 1: Training for School Employees and Senior Leadership Meeting with Church Leadership

4 – 7:30pm: Dinner and Workshop with Church Leadership

  1. Review Climate Survey (administered the prior week)
  2. Review employee handbook
  3. Review sexual harassment and misconduct protocols

Day 2: Training for all Church Employees

8:30 – 9am: Light Breakfast

9am – 10am: Opening Prayer and Overview of Sexual Misconduct, Harassment and Abuse

  1. Understanding sexual harassment: The “Gray Areas”
  2. Power dynamics in the workplace
  3. Appropriate boundaries with parishioners
  4. Gender-based harassment
  5. Sexual misconduct and exploitation
  6. Checking personal attitudes and underlying biases

10 – 10:10am: Break with Light Snack

10:10 – 10:30am: Review of Climate Survey with Employees

10:30 – 11:30am: Boundary-Setting Interactive Case Studies: What is Comfortable and Not Comfortable to Others

11:30 – 12:15pm: Luncheon

1 – 2pm: Obligations for Responding to Sexual Misconduct, Abuse and Harassment

  1. Jurisdiction
  2. What constitutes notice
  3. State and local laws pertaining to reporting requirements
    1. What to report
    2. How to report
    3. Failure to report
  4. Confidentiality limitations
  5. Side-taking and the importance of neutrality
  6. Rumor mill and media

2 – 2:15pm: Closing Prayer and Wrap-up Discussion

“I was at your talk at Brigham Young University. I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated hearing from you. I wanted to come talk to you, but there was a long line to see you, so I wanted to write to you instead. Thank you for your courage to stand against all the persecutions that you have had to face. You have strengthened me by your words. Your courage is amazing, and you are an inspiration!”


Brigham Young University, UT


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