Alcohol, Drugs & Vapes

With a full array of colors and flavors coupled with creative targeted marketing, risky substances prevail to be a preeminent attraction amongst teens and young adults. From JUULs to gin, how do we determine myth versus fact on alcohol and other drugs? 

COS brings a multi-perspective approach combining brain science, psychology, legal liabilities, and personal life experience to making a lasting impact on our audience.


  • How to identify misleading advertising.
  • What substances are in vapor and aerosol.
  • Practical steps for communities to make positive change.


    • Neurobiological/psychological impacts of primary + secondhand exposure.
    • Current legislative initiatives to curb use.
    • Motivations for use.


      “I just thought you should know that your presentation last Wednesday is probably responsible for saving someone’s life.”

      Director of Campus Activities

      University of New Orleans, LA

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