Bullying & Discrimination

“But I was just kidding.” Free speech with the intent to harm and degrade others can easily become bullying. A seemingly innocent joke can hold enough power to gravely offend, harm, and marginalize repeatedly targeted victims, especially those who are already in historically oppressed groups.

COS programs address online and in-person harassment, including all the “-isms” ranging from racism to sexism and more.


  • What is bullying and how it is perpetuated within social hierarchies.
  • Power imbalances around gender, race, religion, ethnicity, economic status, appearance, sexual identity, etc.
  • How to empower and support those who are targets and bolster upstanders toward intervention.


  • The difference between teasing and taunting & flirting and sexual bullying.
  • Why and how someone becomes a bully or the target.
  • The role of bystanders in perpetuating the bullying cycle.


“You are an exceptional educator and authority on bullying, cyber bullying and harassment. Your dedication to eradicate this phenomenon, coupled with your speaking skills allowed you to captivate the audience. You “kept it real “as you creatively wove the audience through a myriad of examples of harassment, the laws that have been written regarding harassment and bullying and preventative ways in which to deal with this serious issue in schools, places of business, etc. Thank you!”

Assistant Principal

Copiague High School, NY

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