Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation

From debates and laws on the status of transgender athletes to gender assignments on bathrooms, guidance on gender and sexual identity is essential to navigating these issues. How can your institution roll out statements on pronoun usage and support non-conforming members of your community? Consider how to apportion gender-separated spaces (bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.), and engagement in sports and other activities, historically perceived as gendered. 

COS experts provide precedent, best practices at top institutions, and how to customize to fit your community’s missions and values. Increase understanding and empathy with personal narratives and research-supported methods


  • Definitions of gender, sexuality, and standards for use of pronouns.
  • The concept of identity and what it means to exist at the intersections of multiple identities.
  • Concrete, straightforward steps towards gender inclusion and the paradigm shift needed to get there.


  • Ways to start and continue conversations about identities in any political or cultural community.
  • The factual history and impact of gender + sexual discrimination.
  • The experiences of those of different sexual orientations or gender identities as they affect institutional achievement. 


    “I have to say it was one of the best school presentations I have ever seen. I thought I was pretty savvy and ‘in the know’ but it was an eye-opener, even for me.  You are fabulous and presented delicate material incredibly well.”

    Parent Association Board Member

    Welsh Valley School, PA

    “I just wanted to say thank you, once again, for sharing yourself, your story, and your work with our young audience. You are inspirational!”

    Director of Health Services

    Hotchkiss School, CT

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